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Welcome Home (Sanitarium): Quiz


Question 1: John Marshall, ________, Tony Levin, and Whitfield Crane for Metallica Assault: A Tribute to Metallica.
MotörheadMikkey DeeEddie ClarkeLemmy

Question 2: ________ (From the bootleg Master of Puppets where the entire Master of Puppets album is performed live)
Systematic ChaosDream TheaterMike PortnoyJohn Petrucci

Question 3: ________ (From Kerrang!'s Master of Puppets: Remastered.)
The PoisonScream Aim Fire TourBullet for My ValentineScream Aim Fire

Question 4: ________ thanks Rush in the liner notes for the album.
Kill 'Em AllEnter SandmanMetallicaJames Hetfield

Question 5: It begins slowly with harmonics, which eventually leads into the main riff followed by the ________, drums and solo.
Bass guitarLead guitarJazz guitarElectric guitar

Question 6: "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" is the second single and fourth song from Metallica's 1986 album ________.
Kill 'Em AllDeath MagneticMaster of PuppetsRide the Lightning

Question 7: Power metal band ________ quoted the lines "Welcome to where time stands still / No one leaves and no one (ever) will" in the song "Blood Tears" from their album Nightfall in Middle-Earth.
Tales from the Twilight WorldBlind GuardianHansi KürschA Night at the Opera (Blind Guardian album)

Question 8: The song ends with several guitar solos, two heavy and fast drum solos by ________, and a few lyrics that hint about an uprising in the asylum.
Lars UlrichJames HetfieldDave MustaineMetallica

Question 9: The lyrics progress and become more harsh, backed by harsher vocals (in comparison to the cleaner vocals of the song) and heavily ________ guitars.
DistortionPhase distortionJohnson–Nyquist noiseJitter

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