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Weekly Shōnen Jump: Quiz


Question 1: Rèmén Shàonián Top serialized series such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, Tottemo! Luckyman, ________, and One Piece as well as several other local manhua.
Hunter × HunterHikaru no GoSlam Dunk (manga)Naruto

Question 2: The Tezuka Award, named for manga pioneer ________, is given for all different styles of stories.
Osamu TezukaAstro BoyOsamu Tezuka's Star SystemPrincess Knight

Question 3: In addition to the Weekly Shōnen Jump manga series, the magazine also included original German language ________.
Tsubasa: Reservoir ChronicleJapanTokyopopOriginal English-language manga

Question 4: Though based on Weekly Shōnen Jump, the ________ Shonen Jump is retooled for English readers and the American audience and is published monthly, instead of weekly.
American EnglishSouth AfricaCanadaEnglish language

Question 5: Jump the Revolution! contained one-shots of upcoming Weekly Shōnen Jump series and soon to be ________ series.
Monthly Shōnen JumpJump SquareSuper JumpBusiness Jump

Question 6: It also features yonkoma of popular series such as ________ and Naruto.
Reborn!Bleach (manga)D.Gray-manDeath Note

Question 7: Weekly Shōnen Jump manga are also published in many other countries where the magazine itself is not published, like the United Kingdom, Mexico, Spain, ________, and South Korea.

Question 8: In January 2007, Bonnier was unable to renew its license with ________ for the magazine and had to cease publication of the magazine.
ShogakukanHakusenshaShueishaUltra Jump

Question 9: This includes two new manga imprints, an ________ DVD imprint, a fiction line for releasing light novels, a label for fan and data books, and a label for the release of art books.
AnimationSilhouette animationAnimeTraditional animation

Question 10: [25] Also a films comic based on the Dragon Ball Z ________ was released under the "TV Anime Comic" imprint.
Traditional animationAnimationAnimeSilhouette animation


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