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Question 1: ________ (e-commerce) site: a site offering goods and services for online sale and enabling online transactions for such sales.
Online advertisingElectronic commerceOnline auction business modelE-procurement

Question 2: A web site is hosted on at least one web server, accessible via a network such as the ________ or a private local area network.
InternetE-mailWorld Wide WebInternet Relay Chat

Question 3: For example, a ________ site is a specific type of e-commerce site or business site (that is, it is trying to sell memberships for access to its site).
Nude photographyPhotographyPornographyHolography

Question 4: ________ (Web standards)
XHTMLHTMLWorld Wide Web ConsortiumCascading Style Sheets

Question 5: ________, such as Notepad or TextEdit, where content and HTML markup are manipulated directly within the editor program
Text editorEmacsOpenOffice.orgVim (text editor)

Question 6: ________ site: a site where users share other content from the Internet and rate and comment on the content.
BroadcatchingSocial bookmarkingFolksonomyTag (metadata)

Question 7: Video sharing: A site that enables user to upload videos, such as YouTube and ________.
Google TalkGoogle searchGoogle MapsGoogle Videos

Question 8: These are usually uploaded using a web hosting service such as ________.
Yahoo!FlickrYahoo! 360°GeoCities

Question 9: WYSIWYG offline editors, such as Microsoft FrontPage and Adobe Dreamweaver (previously Macromedia Dreamweaver), with which the site is edited using a ________ interface and the final HTML markup is generated automatically by the editor software
X Window SystemGraphical user interfaceDesktop environmentWidget toolkit

Question 10: ________ site: contains software to run over the Web as a Web application.
Java (software platform)Java (programming language)Java appletApache Harmony

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