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Question 1: (June 1995), Kevin and Kell (September 1995), Slow Wave (November 1995), and ________ (Fall 1995).
Eric Monster MillikinWebcomicDiesel SweetiesAttitude: The New Subversive Cartoonists

Question 2: In March 2000, Chris Crosby, Crosby's mother Teri, and Darren Bleuel founded the webcomics portal ________.
Basil Flint, P.I.NewshoundsDarkenKeenspot

Question 3: By 2005, webcomics hosting had become a business in its own right, with sites such as Comic Genesis, ________, and Webcomics Nation.
DrunkDuckComic stripComic bookPlatinum Studios

Question 4: Several cartoonists like Phil and Kaja Foglio of ________ have stopped publishing traditional comic books and instead serialise their content as a webcomic to reach a larger audience.
Gunnerkrigg Court2006 Web Cartoonists' Choice AwardsGirl Genius2007 Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards

Question 5: [35] ________'s animated film based on his webcomics, Everything Will Be OK, won the 2007 Sundance Film Festival Jury Award in Short Filmmaking, a prize rarely bestowed on an animated film.
Don HertzfeldtRejectedBeavis and Butt-headThe Animation Show

Question 6: While most are published exclusively on the web, others are also published in magazines, ________ or, often self-published, books.
Media biasNews mediaNewspaperDefamation

Question 7: Among the earliest online comics were Witches and Stitches, which was published on ________ in 1985, and T.H.E. Fox, which was published on CompuServe and Quantum Link in 1986.
CompuServeNetscapeAOLAOL Desktop

Question 8: Penny Arcade, PvP, ________, Freefall, and Pokey the Penguin began a year later.
Doonesbury2004JerkcityFor Better or For Worse

Question 9: Others such as The Perry Bible Fellowship and PartiallyClips have been published in smaller alternative newspapers, or printed in magazines, such as The Order of the Stick in ________[33] and Get Your War On in Rolling Stone.
Forgotten Realms Campaign SettingMonster ManualFiend FolioDragon (magazine)

Question 10: Similar to ________, manga and graphic novels, other webcomics come in a page form rather than a strip form and tend to focus more on story than gags.
British comicsAmerican comic bookComic bookDC Comics

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