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Question 1: [7][8] It allows family and friends of the couple to watch the wedding in real time on the ________.
World Wide WebInternet Relay ChatE-mailInternet

Question 2: Webcasts relating to computers, ________, and news are particularly popular and many new shows are added regularly.
EngineeringMiningTechnologyArtificial intelligence

Question 3: On November 7, 1994, WXYC, the college radio station of the ________ became the first radio station in the world to broadcast its signal over the internet.
Florida State UniversityDuke UniversityUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillUniversity of Virginia

Question 4: The earliest webcast equivalent of an online concert was by ________ band Travis who on May 28, 1999 performed a setlist from their recent album The Man Who in a local internet cafe on Sauchiehall Street.

Question 5: Such sites offer live ________ as an affordable alternative to attending physical public speaking events expanding the viewing audience to anyone that has an internet connection.
Mass mediaBroadcastingRadioTelevision station

Question 6: Virtually all the major broadcasters have a webcast of their output, from the BBC to CNN to ________ to UNTV in television to Radio China, Vatican Radio, United Nations Radio and the World Service in radio.
Al JazeeraFox News ChannelAl Jazeera EnglishAl-Qaeda

Question 7: Translated versions including ________ are now possible using SMIL Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language.
Dubbing (filmmaking)Subtitle (captioning)SpainUnited States

Question 8: The largest "webcasters" include existing radio and TV stations, who "________" their output, as well as a multitude of Internet only "stations".
New York IslandersSports commentarySimulcastFox Broadcasting Company

Question 9: The actual word "webcast" was coined by ________ in his 1988 novel The Armageddon Blues:
Kevin J. AndersonCaliforniaTales from the Mos Eisley CantinaDaniel Keys Moran

Question 10: for those that ________ rather than attend.
Work–life balanceTelecommutingEmploymentBackground check


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