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Question 1: Netscape became a part of ________, the Walt Disney Company launched, and Excite and @Home became a part of AT&T during the late 1990s.
United StatesJapanUnited KingdomAOL

Question 2: It is designed to use ________, different numbers and types of middleware and hardware to provide services from a number of different sources.
Thread (computer science)Distributed computingParallel computingGrid computing

Question 3: Examples of public web portals are ________, iGoogle, MSNBC, Netvibes, and Yahoo!.
United StatesNetscapeJapanAOL

Question 4: After the proliferation of ________ in the late-1990s many companies tried to build or acquire a portal, to have a piece of the Internet market.
Internet Explorer 3Web browserInternet ExplorerOpera (web browser)

Question 5: Lycos was said to be a good target for other media companies such as ________.
NBCCBSAmerican Broadcasting CompanyThe CW Television Network

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