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Question 1: Webpages are requested and served from web servers using ________ (HTTP).
File Transfer ProtocolHypertext Transfer ProtocolInternet Relay ChatSecure Shell

Question 2: Webpages will often require more screen space than is available for a particular ________.
720pDisplay resolution1080pInterlace

Question 3: Common web browsers, like Mozilla Firefox, ________ and Opera, give the option to not only print the currently viewed webpage to a printer, but optionally to "print" to a file which can be viewed or printed later.
Microsoft WindowsInternet ExplorerInternet Explorer MobileDirectX

Question 4: The latter case is especially relevant where one lengthy stylesheet is relevant to a whole website: due to the way HTTP works, the browser will only download it once from the web server and use the ________ copy for the whole site.
Operating systemComputer data storageCPU cacheCache

Question 5: Webpages may consist of files of static text stored within the ________'s file system (static webpages), or the web server may construct the (X)HTML for each webpage when it is requested by a browser (dynamic webpages).
Web contentWeb hosting serviceWeb serverDomain Technologie Control

Question 6: This information is usually in ________ or XHTML format, and may provide navigation to other webpages via hypertext links.
Portable Document FormatOpenDocumentECMAScriptHTML

Question 7: Interactive illustrations: ranging from "click to play" image to games, typically using script orchestration, Flash, ________, SVG, or Shockwave.
Java (software platform)Java (programming language)Java appletApache Harmony

Question 8: Client-side computer code such as ________ or code implementing Ajax techniques can be provided either embedded in the HTML of a webpage or, like CSS stylesheets, as separate, linked downloads specified in the HTML.

Question 9: Scripts, usually ________, complement interactivity and functionality.

Question 10: Diagramation and style information: information about rendered items (like image size attributes) and visual specifications, as ________ (CSS).
Cascading Style SheetsDocument Object ModelXHTMLHTML


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