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Web of Spider-Man: Quiz


Question 1: As a result, the book's quality was far less consistent than the other two major Spider-Man titles of the time, The Amazing Spider-Man and ________.
The Spectacular Spider-ManPeter Parker: Spider-ManThe Sensational Spider-Man (vol. 2)The Amazing Spider-Man (comic book)

Question 2: He, along with artist ________, did introduce Venom to great fanfare and fan response.
Spawn (comics)Spawn/BatmanGreg CapulloTodd McFarlane

Question 3: Web of Spider-Man is the name of a comic book series starring Spider-Man published by ________ for 129 issues between 1985 and 1995.
Marvel StudiosMarvel EntertainmentMarvel AnimationMarvel Comics

Question 4: It replaced ________ as the third major Spider-Man title of the time.
Cloak and Dagger (comics)Marvel Team-UpIceman (comics)Stan Lee

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