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Question 1: Microsoft responded with its browser ________ in 1995 (also heavily influenced by Mosaic), initiating the industry's first browser war.
Internet Explorer MobileMicrosoft WindowsDirectXInternet Explorer

Question 2: For a comparison of the current security vulnerabilities of browsers, see ________.
Opera (web browser)Internet ExplorerComparison of web browsersAmaya (web browser)

Question 3: By bundling Internet Explorer with Windows, Microsoft was able to leverage its dominance in the ________ market to take over the web browser market; Internet Explorer usage share peaked at over 95% by 2002.
LinuxMac OS XUnixOperating system

Question 4: Most browsers can display images, audio, video, and XML files, and often have plug-ins to support Flash applications and ________.
Java appletApache HarmonyJava (programming language)Java (software platform)

Question 5: In 1998, Netscape launched what was to become the ________ in an attempt to produce a competitive browser using the open source software model.
Mozilla FoundationMozilla FirefoxCaminoMozilla Thunderbird

Question 6: An address bar to input the ________ (URI) of the desired resource and display it.
Hypertext Transfer ProtocolResource Description FrameworkUniform Resource IdentifierSemantic Web

Question 7: ________ is passed to the browser's layout engine to be transformed from markup to an interactive document.
HTMLECMAScriptOpenDocumentPortable Document Format

Question 8: An information resource is identified by a ________ (URI) and may be a web page, image, video, or other piece of content.
Semantic WebHypertext Transfer ProtocolResource Description FrameworkUniform Resource Identifier

Question 9: Many browsers also support a variety of other prefixes, such as https: for HTTPS, ftp: for the ________, and file: for local files.
Secure ShellHypertext Transfer ProtocolFile Transfer ProtocolInternet Relay Chat

Question 10: Most browsers support ________ and offer quick and easy ways to delete the web cache, cookies, and browsing history.
Internet Relay ChatURI schemeHypertext Transfer ProtocolHTTP Secure

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