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Weathering: Quiz


Question 1: ________ is a chemical weathering process affecting silicate and carbonate minerals.

Question 2: Salt crystallization, otherwise known as haloclasty, causes disintegration of rocks when saline (see salinity) solutions seep into cracks and joints in the rocks and evaporate, leaving salt ________ behind.
Crystal structureSolidCarbonCrystal

Question 3: ________) are formed deep beneath the Earth's surface.
FelsicGraniteIgneous rockBasalt

Question 4: The weathering process was evident especially after the massive wildfires in ________ that occurred in 1988.

Question 5: ________ occurs when gases such as sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are present in the atmosphere.
PollutionAir pollutionAcid rainWater pollution

Question 6: This is accelerated in areas severely affected by ________.
Water pollutionAcid rainPollutionAir pollution

Question 7: This process can be seen in ________ where it results in the formation of tors.
ExmoorTavistock, DevonDartmoorIvybridge

Question 8: Within the weathering environment chemical ________ of a variety of metals occurs.

Question 9: acids, by plants so as to break down ________ and iron containing compounds in the soils beneath them.

Question 10: ________ and mosses grow on essentially bare rock surfaces and create a more humid chemical microenvironment.
Lobaria pulmonariaPeltigeralesLichenParmeliaceae


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