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Weather station: Quiz


Question 1: A weather station is a facility with instruments and equipment for observing atmospheric conditions to provide information for weather forecasts and to study the weather and ________.
ClimatePrecipitation (meteorology)MeteorologyRain

Question 2: Wind measurements are taken as free of other obstructions as possible, while temperature and humidity measurements are kept free from direct solar radiation, or ________.
Direct insolationInsolationSunlightSeason

Question 3: Automatic transmission of data, in a format such as ________, is also desirable as many weather station's data is required for weather forecasting.
Coastal-Marine Automated NetworkMeteorologyWeather radarMETAR

Question 4: ________ for measuring precipitation[1]
Weather radarRain gaugeWeather balloonMeteorology

Question 5: ________ Cooperative Observer Program[13]
South African Weather ServiceServicio Meteorológico NacionalFiji Meteorological ServiceNational Weather Service

Question 6: Some of these are basic to analyzing ________ and pressure systems, such as the synoptic observation network, while others are more regional in nature.
Precipitation (meteorology)Surface weather analysisSynoptic scale meteorologyWeather front

Question 7: ________ for measuring barometric pressure/air pressure
ThermometerBarometerWeather radarWeather forecasting

Question 8: The measurements taken include temperature, ________, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and precipitation amounts.
LightningClimateAtmospheric pressureMETAR

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