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Weather radar: Quiz


Question 1: Chandrasekar, Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar, published by Cambridge University Press, ________, United States, 2001 ISBN 0-521-01955-9
ConnecticutNew JerseyNew YorkMassachusetts

Question 2: The American ________ is using such Composite as their scanning scheme can vary from 4 to 14 angles, according to their need, which would make very coarse CAPPIs.
National Weather ServiceServicio Meteorológico NacionalSouth African Weather ServiceFiji Meteorological Service

Question 3: The length of this phase is determined by the need for the microwave radiation (which travels at the ________) to propagate from the detector, to the weather target, and back again, a distance which could be several hundred kilometers.
PhotonSpeed of lightSunOptics

Question 4: The early meteorologists had to watch a ________.
Cathode ray tubeLiquid crystal displayPlasma displayOrganic LED

Question 5: Over the area covered by radar echoes, a program assign a certain type according to the surface temperature and ________ reported at underlaying weather stations.
Heat indexWet-bulb temperatureConvective available potential energyDew point

Question 6: ________ algorithms that estimates the presence and its potential size.
Precipitation (meteorology)ThunderstormRainHail

Question 7: The wind shear is associated with downdraft, (downburst and microburst), ________ and turbulence under thunderstorms.
Outflow boundaryWeather radarSquall lineTornado

Question 8: The beam is close to a ________ curve with power decreasing to half at half the width.
Weierstrass transformDirac delta functionGaussian functionNormal distribution

Question 9: [19] However, some researchers have published papers using velocity CAPPIs to study tropical cyclones and development of ________ products.
Weather radarNEXRADSCR-658 radarMeteorology

Question 10: Marshall Radar Observatory in Montreal, Canada has converted their instrument (1999) and the data are used operationally by Environment Canada in ________.
Downtown MontrealMontrealUnderground City, MontrealGreater Montreal


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