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Weather lore: Quiz


Question 1: Moisture in the air causes ________ to swell, making doors and windows sticky, and salt is a very effective absorber of moisture.
SeedWoodPlant stemFlowering plant

Question 2: While most of it applies equally to the ________, the Southern Hemisphere resident may need to take into account the fact that weather systems rotate opposite to those in the North.
South AfricaMozambiqueSouthern HemisphereMaldives

Question 3: Prior to the invention of the mercury ________, it was very difficult to gather numerical data of any predictive value.
Weather forecastingThermometerWeather radarBarometer

Question 4: In the ________, Saint Swithun's day (July 15) is said to forecast the weather for the rest of the summer.
EnglandBritish IslesNorthern IrelandUnited Kingdom

Question 5: Weather ________, therefore, refers to this mid-latitude region of daily variability.

Question 6: Around the middle of July, the ________ settles into a pattern which, in the majority of years, holds reasonably steady until the end of August.
WindTropical cycloneJet streamRain

Question 7: However, seagulls, like people, find gusty, ________ wind difficult to contend with, and under such circumstances, the water is also choppy and unpleasant.
TurbulenceFluid dynamicsReynolds numberDrag (physics)

Question 8: It is also within these rough boundaries that "________" can be said to happen, that is, where meteorological phenomena do not persist over the long term, and where it may be warm, sunny, and calm one day, and cold and stormy the next.

Question 9: It is in ________'s middle latitudes, between roughly 30° to 60° North and South, that a significant portion of humanity's daily activities take place.

Question 10: ________, in his poem Venus and Adonis wrote:
Shakespeare authorship questionHamletShakespeare's lifeWilliam Shakespeare


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