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Weak formulation: Quiz


Question 1: This is a formulation of the Lax–Milgram theorem which relies on properties of the symmetric part of the ________.
Exterior algebraVector spaceBilinear formDual space

Question 2: We can make the left side of this equation more symmetric by ________ using Green's identity:
Integration by partsImplicit and explicit functionsIntegralDerivative

Question 3: Weak formulations are an important tool for the analysis of mathematical equations that permit the transfer of concepts of ________ to solve problems in other fields such as partial differential equations.
Linear algebraMatrix (mathematics)Eigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspaceVector space

Question 4: In a weak formulation, an equation is no longer required to hold absolutely (and this is not even well defined) and has instead weak solutions only with respect to certain "test vectors" or "________".
Vector spaceDistribution (mathematics)Generalized functionDirac delta function


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