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Question 1:

Question 2:
Wayne Williams, Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer are all:
African-American people American prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment Prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment by Georgia (U.S. state) American people convicted of murder

Question 3:
Where does Wayne Williams come from?

Question 4:
What is Wayne Williams also known as?
Kody Scott, Monster
Violent Girl, Green Eyed Monster by Shampoo
The Atlanta Monster
Telly, The Television Monster

Question 5: There was also eyewitness testimony placing Williams with different victims, blood stains from victims matching blood in Williams's car, and testimony that he was a ________ attracted to young black boys.
ParaphiliaPedophiliaSexual fetishismZoophilia

Question 6: The former FBI profiler, ________, wrote in his book Mindhunter that, while he believes that Williams committed many of the murders, he doesn't think that he committed all of them.
Behavioral Analysis UnitJack Crawford (character)Serial killerJohn E. Douglas

Question 7:
What was Wayne Williams's birth name?
Daniel Zaldivar
Alvan Hadley
Wayne Bertram Williams

Question 8:
Wayne Williams, Mark Zuckerberg and Charice Pempengco are all:
American serial killers African-American people Living people Prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment by Georgia (U.S. state)

Question 9: In 2005, ________ recorded a song called "Wrong Man", which was sung from Williams's perspective - a protest of innocence.
The Platinum Collection (Deep Purple album)Jon LordDeep PurpleRitchie Blackmore

Question 10: The medical examiner on the case ruled he had died of "probable" ________, but never authoritatively said he had been strangled.
Hypoxia (medical)Decompression sicknessAsphyxiaAltitude sickness

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