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Wax play: Quiz


Question 1: ________ candles burn about 10 Fahrenheit degrees hotter than equivalent paraffin candles.
Tracing paperScissorsBeeswaxButton

Question 2: Wax play may be combined with other ________ or sexual activity.
Erotic spankingBDSMHuman sexualityProstitution

Question 3: If ordinary candles are too hot, a special wax blend with a high concentration of mineral oil can be heated to lower temperatures in a ________ or double boiler.
StewCookingSlow cookerRoasting

Question 4: Pure paraffin wax melts at around 130 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit (54 to 57 ________).
CelsiusJoulePascal (unit)Kelvin

Question 5: The page on ________ for hair removal has additional safety considerations.
L'OréalCosmeticsSkin whiteningWaxing

Question 6: Adding ________ makes the wax softer and melt at a lower temperature.
Mineral oilPetroleum jellyCarnauba waxBeeswax

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