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Wax: Quiz


Question 1: In addition to ________, carnauba (a plant epicuticular wax) and paraffin (a petroleum wax) are commonly encountered waxes which occur naturally.
ScissorsBeeswaxButtonTracing paper

Question 2: plastic (________) at normal ambient temperatures

Question 3: Candles have also played a role in ________ religions and in modern humanist festivals.
PaganismPrehistoric religionChristianity and PaganismPolytheism

Question 4: They are usually distinguished from ________ by the lack of triglyceride esters of glycerin (propan-1,2,3-triol) and three fatty acids.
Polyunsaturated fatFatLipidTrans fat

Question 5: Rice bran wax - obtained from ________ bran (Oryza sativa)

Question 6: Carbon paper, used for making duplicate typewritten documents was coated with carbon black suspended in wax, typically montan wax, but has largely been superseded by photocopiers and ________.
Mouse (computing)Printer (computing)Universal Serial BusKeyboard (computing)

Question 7: Wax has been used since antiquity as a temporary, removable model in lost-wax casting of ________, silver and other materials.

Question 8: [1] Paraffin waxes are hydrocarbons, mixtures of ________ usually in a homologous series of chain lengths.

Question 9: Japan wax - a vegetable ________ (not a true wax), from the berries of Rhus and Toxicodendron species
Fatty acidTriglycerideCholesterolLipid

Question 10: Waxes are also used in shoe polishes, wood polishes, and automotive polishes, as mold release agents in mold making, as a coating for many ________, and to waterproof leather and fabric.

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