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Watt: Quiz


Question 1: Important powers that are measured in microwatts are typically found in medical instrumentation systems such as the ________ and the EKG, in a wide vatriety of scientific and engineering instruments and also in radio and radar receivers
Nervous systemElectroencephalographyEpilepsyNeurosurgery

Question 2: It is also a common unit used to express the electromagnetic power output of ________.
Amateur radioRadio masts and towersBroadcast engineeringTransmitter

Question 3: The difference is due to the inefficiency of steam-turbine generators and the limitations of the theoretical ________.
Carnot cycleThermodynamic cycleHot air engineHeat engine

Question 4: Other ________ are sometimes used, for example gigawatt electrical (GWe).
Giga-Engineering notationMega-SI prefix

Question 5: Watts per hour (W/h) might be useful to characterize the ramp-up behavior of ________.
Power stationHydroelectricityNuclear powerElectricity generation

Question 6: This unit is typically used to express the output power of ________ and the power consumption of tools and machines.
Jet engineStirling engineDiesel engineEngine

Question 7: The average stroke of ________ peaks at 1 terawatt, but these strokes only last for 30 microseconds.

Question 8: A typical passenger ________ engine yields a power output of 25000watts while cruising.
Vacuum servoAutomobileThrottleDisc brake

Question 9: A typical laser pointer outputs about five milliwatts of light power, whereas a typical ________ for people consumes less than one milliwatt.
Hearing aidSensorineural hearing lossHearing impairmentAudiology

Question 10: The watt is named after ________ for his contributions to the development of the steam engine.
William Thomson, 1st Baron KelvinJames WattMichael FaradayIsaac Newton

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