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Waterspout: Quiz


Question 1: [2] While many waterspouts form in the tropics, locations at higher latitude within temperate zones also report waterspouts, such as ________ and the Great Lakes.
EuropeWestern EuropeEastern EuropeBalkans

Question 2: [20] When close to shorelines, waterspouts can devastate nearby ________ and marine organisms close to the surface.
Tide poolSalt marshEstuaryCoral reef

Question 3: [8] Since the vast majority of mesocyclonic thunderstorms occur in land-locked areas of the ________, true tornadic waterspouts are correspondingly rarer than their fair-weather counterparts.
United StatesAlaskaPhilippinesCanada

Question 4: A ________ online article on waterspouts:
Detroit Free PressUSA TodayGannett CompanyThe Des Moines Register

Question 5: [15] Waterspouts are frequently observed off the east coast of ________,[16][17] with several being described by Joseph Banks during the voyage of the Endeavour in 1770.
CanadaAustraliaBarbadosUnited Kingdom

Question 6: [4] They are most frequently seen in tropical and sub-tropical climates, with upwards of 400 per year observed in the ________.
Marquesas KeysMonroe County, FloridaPlantation KeyFlorida Keys

Question 7: Like the more efficient ________ events, winds focusing down the axis of long lakes enhance wind convergence and likely enhance their development.
Great LakesLake-effect snowLake effect snow watchSmall-craft advisory

Question 8: Their bigger cloud that develops them can be as innocuous as a moderate cumulus, or as great as a ________.
ThunderstormSupercellTornadoConvective storm detection

Question 9: The United States ________ will often issue special marine warnings when waterspouts are likely or have been sighted over coastal waters, or tornado warnings when waterspouts are expected to move onshore.
Fiji Meteorological ServiceNational Weather ServiceServicio Meteorológico NacionalSouth African Weather Service

Question 10: A waterspout is an intense columnar vortex (usually appearing as a funnel-shaped cloud) that occurs over a ________ and is connected to a cumuliform cloud.
StreamEstuaryLakeBody of water


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