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Waterford: Quiz


Question 1: This was ended abruptly by Oliver Cromwell, who brought the country back under English rule; his nephew ________ finally took Waterford in 1650 after a major siege.
Charles FleetwoodHenry IretonCromwell (film)English Civil War

Question 2: ________ is currently the only carrier operating out of the airport.
CityJetAer LingusAer Lingus RegionalAer Arann

Question 3: Today, Waterford is known for ________, a legacy of the city's former glass making industry.
Arc InternationalEdinburgh CrystalBaccarat (company)Waterford Crystal

Question 4: It withstood the first siege but surrendered during the second siege to ________ on 6 August 1650.
Henry IretonOliver CromwellCromwell (film)English Civil War

Question 5: There are two third level institutions in Waterford: ________, which is currently being considered for university status[29] and the Waterford College of Further Education.
Limerick Institute of TechnologyWaterford Institute of TechnologyInstitute of Technology, BlanchardstownHigher Education and Training Awards Council

Question 6: In July 1922, Waterford was the scene of fighting between Irish Free State and Irish Republican troops during the ________.
Anglo-Irish Treaty√Čamon de ValeraIrish Civil WarMichael Collins (Irish leader)

Question 7: WFFA conduct much of its activities on the ________ (WIT) campus.
Higher Education and Training Awards CouncilLimerick Institute of TechnologyWaterford Institute of TechnologyInstitute of Technology, Blanchardstown

Question 8: A list of the city's rulers from this date to the mayors of the present day can be found in ________.
Raymond FitzGeraldRichard de Clare, 2nd Earl of PembrokeLevettList of rulers of Waterford

Question 9: This was the introduction of the ________ into Ireland.
EnglandAnglo-NormanHeptarchyEnglish people

Question 10: In the early 1800s, Waterford City was deemed vulnerable and the British government erected three ________ on the Hook Peninsula to reinforce the existing Fort at Duncannon.
AustraliaMartello towerEnglandBritish Empire

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