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Water vapor: Quiz


Question 1: Water vapor will only condense onto another surface when that surface is cooler than the ________ temperature, or when the water vapor equilibrium in air has been exceeded.
Heat indexWet-bulb temperatureConvective available potential energyDew point

Question 2: From ________, usually, clouds are the real generators of static charge as found in Earth's atmosphere.
ClimateMeteorologyHailCloud physics

Question 3: These include vapor pressure, specific humidity, mixing ratio, dew point temperature, and ________.
ThunderstormRelative humidityWater vaporHeat index

Question 4: Because water molecules absorb ________ and other radio wave frequencies, water in the atmosphere attenuates radar signals.
Radio wavesMicrowaveX-rayKu band

Question 5: Scientists studying ________ hypothesize that if water moves about the planet, it does so as vapor.
Phobos (moon)Water on MarsMarsDeimos (moon)

Question 6: The measurements are usually expressed as specific humidity or percent ________.
Relative humidityWater vaporDew pointHeat index

Question 7: ________ is the amount of water vapor in the air.
Precipitation (meteorology)HumidityWeather forecastingWind

Question 8: Non-human comfort situations are called ________, and also are affected by water vapor.
Heat pumpRefrigerationRefrigeratorVapor-compression refrigeration

Question 9: Liquid water that becomes water vapor takes a parcel of heat with it, in a process called ________.
HVACAir conditioningEvaporative coolerCooling tower

Question 10: Its ________ contribution to air pressure increases, lowering the partial pressure contribution of the other atmospheric gases (Dalton's Law).
Partial pressureChemistryVapor pressureNitrogen


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