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Question 1: Fossil water is non-renewable by present day rainfall due to its depth below the surface, and any extraction (such as ________) causes a permanent change in the water table in such regions.
Mining engineeringMetallurgyArchaeologyMining

Question 2: This occurs when there is an impermeable layer of rock or sediment (________) or relatively impermeable layer (aquitard) above the main water table/aquifer but below the surface of the land.
HydrogeologyAquiferWater contentGroundwater

Question 3: Fossil water is groundwater that has remained in an aquifer for millennia, and occurs mainly in ________.
Atacama DesertDesertSaharaAntarctica

Question 4: The water table is the level at which the groundwater pressure is equal to ________.
Atmospheric pressureWindLightningPrecipitation (meteorology)

Question 5: The ability of the ________ to store groundwater is dependent on the primary and secondary porosity and permeability of the rock or soil.
Water contentHydraulic conductivityHydrogeologyAquifer

Question 6: The form of a water table may change and vary due to seasonal changes, topography and ________.
Sedimentary rockEngineering geologyMiningStructural geology

Question 7: It may be conveniently visualized as the 'surface' of the ________ in a given vicinity.

Question 8: A sustainable amount of water within a unit of sediment or rock, below the water table, in the phreatic zone is called an ________.
GroundwaterHydrogeologyAquiferWater content


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