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Water supply: Quiz


Question 1: Early Rome had indoor plumbing, meaning a system of ________ and pipes that terminated in homes and at public wells and fountains for people to use.
MaltaUnited StatesAqueductIstanbul

Question 2: Such national service providers are especially prevalent in West Africa and Central America, but also exist, for example, in Tunisia, ________ and Uruguay (see also water supply and sanitation in Uruguay).
BarbadosSaint HelenaJordanZulu Kingdom

Question 3: In 1997, 369 cases of ________ occurred, caused by a contaminated fountain in the Minnesota zoo.
CoccidiaToxoplasma gondiiCryptosporidiosisCyclospora cayetanensis

Question 4: Water supply is the process of self-provision or provision by third parties in the water industry, commonly a public utility, of ________ of various qualities to different users.
Water resourcesPeak waterNatural environmentOverpopulation

Question 5: A great variety of ________ have responsibilities in water supply.
SociologySocial stratificationInstitutionSystems theory

Question 6: Lyster (1869-1947) of the ________ used a solution of calcium hypochlorite in a linen bag to treat water.
United States ArmyArmy Medical Department (United States)United States Air Force Medical ServiceMedical Corps (United States Army)

Question 7: This can be regarded as the founding event of the science of ________.
Human nutritionNutritionEpidemiologyPublic health

Question 8: Drinking ________ has a micro-biological and a physico-chemical dimension.
Water pollutionPollutionWastewaterWater quality

Question 9: In public water supply systems water should, at a minimum, be disinfected - most commonly through the use of chlorination or the use of ________ light - or it may need to undergo treatment, especially in the case of surface water.
Visible spectrumUltravioletElectromagnetic spectrumX-ray

Question 10: Metering is considered good practice in water supply and is widespread in developed countries, except for the ________.
United KingdomEnglandWalesCanada


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