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Water pollution: Quiz


Question 1: Many chemicals undergo reactive decay or chemically change especially over long periods of time in ________ reservoirs.

Question 2: Indicator filter feeding species such as ________ have also been used to study pollutant fates in the New York Bight, for example.

Question 3: Advanced computer models such as ________ or the DSSAM Model have been used in many locations worldwide to examine the fate of pollutants in aquatic systems.
Storm Water Management ModelWater pollutionSurface runoffHydrological transport model

Question 4: ________ and bush debris from logging operations

Question 5: In some areas of the world the influence can be traced hundred miles from the mouth by studies using ________.
Atmospheric modelHydrological modellingGroundwater modelHydrological transport model

Question 6: Some animal slurries are treated by mixing with straw and ________ at high temperature to produce a bacteriologically sterile and friable manure for soil improvement.
Home compostingComposting toiletWindrow compostingComposting

Question 7: Interactions between ________ and surface water are complex.

Question 8: A common cause of thermal pollution is the use of water as a ________ by power plants and industrial manufacturers.

Question 9: Other natural and anthropogenic substances may cause turbidity (cloudiness) which blocks light and disrupts plant growth, and clogs the ________ of some fish species.
Fish anatomyGillSwim bladderDemersal fish

Question 10: Further south then are areas of oxygen depletion, caused by chemicals using up oxygen and by ________, caused by excess nutrients from algal cell death and decomposition.
Marine larval ecologyMarine conservationAlgal bloomMarine biology


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