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Water organ: Quiz


Question 1: The leather and wood of the instrument had decomposed, but the surviving metal parts made it possible to reconstruct a working replica now in the Aquincum Museum in ________.

Question 2: Water organs were described in the numerous writings of the famous Ctesibius (3rd century BC), Philo of Byzantium (3rd century BC) and ________ (c.
DiophantusArchimedesPtolemyHero of Alexandria

Question 3: Among ________ writers on the water organ, Salomon de Caus was particularly informative.
BaroqueItalian RenaissanceRenaissanceWestern art history

Question 4: See ________ for more details and external links.
Pipe organElectronic organHammond organOrgan (music)

Question 5: A hydraulis is an early type of ________ that operated by converting the dynamic energy of water (Ancient Greek: ὕδωρ, hýdōr) into air pressure to drive the pipes (Ancient Greek: αυλός, aulos).
Pipe organBaroque musicOrgan (music)Classical music

Question 6: Hence its name hydraulis, literally "water (driven) pipe (instrument)." It is attributed to the ________ scientist Ctesibius of Alexandria, an engineer of the 3rd century BC.
Hellenistic periodHellenistic civilizationAlexander the GreatAncient Greece

Question 7: The brothers Francini constructed waterworks and organs at Saint Germain-en-Laye and ________, which reached new heights of splendour and extravagance.

Question 8: After the marriage of Princess Elizabeth to the Elector Palatine Prince Friedrich V, de Caus laid out for them the gardens at ________ which became famous for their beautiful and intricate waterworks.
Frederick V, Elector PalatineElectoral PalatinateMannheim PalaceHeidelberg Castle

Question 9: [6][7] The ________ mentions the instrument as not appropriate for the Jerusalem Temple.
MidrashRabbinic literatureJewish philosophyTalmud

Question 10: A water organ survives in the gardens at ________, Württemberg, and parts of one at the Wilhelmshöhe gardens in Kassel.
ReutlingenHeilbronnUlmBad Wimpfen


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