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Question 1: Common places from which to borrow the required phase change systems are a household dehumidifier or ________.
Air conditionerAir conditioningRefrigerationCanada

Question 2: Water cooling usually consists of a CPU water block, a water pump, and a ________ (usually a radiator with a fan attached).
Shell and tube heat exchangerDistillationHeat exchangerFouling

Question 3: Some nuclear reactors use ________ as cooling.
Nuclear reactor technologyUraniumPlutoniumHeavy water

Question 4: For the main cooling system, normal water is preferably employed through the use of a ________ as heavy water is much more expensive.
Shell and tube heat exchangerHeat exchangerFoulingDistillation

Question 5: Water cooling is commonly used for cooling internal combustion engines in ________ and large electrical generators.
Disc brakeAutomobileVacuum servoThrottle

Question 6: Automotive and many other engine cooling applications require the use of a water and ________ mixture to lower the freezing point to a temperature unlikely to be experienced.

Question 7: Less commonly, GPUs, Northbridges, hard drives, memory, VRM, and even ________ are water cooled.
ElectricitySwitched-mode power supplyTransformerPower supply

Question 8: An open water cooling system makes use of ________, lowering the temperature of the remaining (unevaporated) water.
Cooling towerEvaporative coolerHVACAir conditioning

Question 9: They were put together using car radiators (or more commonly, a car's heater core), ________ pumps and home made water blocks.
Freshwater aquariumFishkeepingAquariumMarine aquarium

Question 10: As opposed to air cooling, ________ is used as the heat transmitter.
WaterEarthOxygenWater resources

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