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Wat Phra Kaew: Quiz


Question 1: The construction of the temple started when King ________ (Rama I) moved the capital from Thonburi to Bangkok in 1785.
Buddha Yodfa ChulalokeChulalongkornBuddha Loetla NabhalaiJessadabodindra

Question 2: Legends hold that the statue originated in ________, but it first surfaced in the vassal Kingdom of Cambodia and was given as a gift to the King of Ayuttaya in the 15th century 1434.
IndiaIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementResearch and Analysis WingLok Sabha

Question 3: The Temple also contains a model of ________, added by King Nangklao (Rama III), as the Khmer empire of Cambodia and the Thais share cultural and religious roots.
Thai temple art and architectureBuddhist artAngkor WatAshoka the Great

Question 4: The wall surrounding the temple area – from the outside only a plain white wall – is painted with scenes from the Thai version of the ________ mythology, the Ramakian.
SitaSundara KandaRamayanaHanuman

Question 5: It is located in the historic center of ________ (district Phra Nakhon), within the grounds of the Grand Palace.
Kuala LumpurJakartaThailandBangkok

Question 6: It was then moved to ________, then Chiang Mai, where it was removed by prince Setatiratt to Luang Prabang, when his father died and he ascended the throne of that Siamese vassal state.
ThailandSantikhiriChiang Rai CityChiang Rai Province

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