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Wastewater: Quiz


Question 1: ________ such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, methane, etc.;
Specific heat capacityThermodynamic temperatureTemperatureGas

Question 2: (generally clean with traces of oils and ________);

Question 3: Macro-solids such as sanitary napkins, nappies/diapers, ________, needles, children's toys, dead animals or plants, body parts, etc.;
MasturbationSexual abstinenceBirth controlCondom

Question 4: The physical infrastructure, including pipes, ________, screens, channels etc.
Gas compressorTurbineBernoulli's principlePump

Question 5: Such chemicals are also liable to be broken down using strong oxidising agents and these chemical reactions create what is measured in the laboratory as the ________ (COD).
AmmoniaPotassiumChemical oxygen demandWater

Question 6: This algae can be used to produce ________[5]
BiofuelAlgae fuelBiodieselEthanol fuel

Question 7: Organic or bio-degradable waste, including waste from ________, creameries, and ice cream manufacture;
SlaughterhouseTaboo food and drinkHorse slaughterHorse meat

Question 8: ________ drains (almost anything, including cars, shopping trolleys, trees, cattle, etc.);

Question 9: Surplus manufactured liquids from domestic sources (drinks, cooking oil, pesticides, lubricating oil, ________, cleaning liquids, etc.);

Question 10: However, the use of ________ and other On-Site Sewage Facilities (OSSF) is widespread in rural areas, serving up to one quarter of the homes in the U.S.
WastewaterSewage treatmentSeptic tankMound system

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