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Wars of the Three Kingdoms: Quiz


Question 1: 1645: 14 June: the ________: the New Model Army crushes the Royalist army, effectively ending the First English Civil War
Battle of Marston MoorBattle of NasebyFirst English Civil WarSiege of Oxford

Question 2: 1644: 2 July: the ________, a major defeat of the royalists by the Parliamentarians and Scots
First English Civil WarBattle of Marston MoorBolton MassacreSiege of York

Question 3: Alienated by English/Protestant domination and frightened by the rhetoric of the English and Scottish Parliaments, a small group of Irish conspirators launched the ________, ostensibly in support of the "King's Rights".
History of IrelandNorthern IrelandIrish Rebellion of 1641Ireland

Question 4: Since 1541, monarchs of England had also styled their Irish territory as a Kingdom (ruled with the assistance of a separate Irish Parliament), while Wales became more closely integrated into the ________ under Henry VIII.
English peopleHistory of EnglandPolitics of EnglandKingdom of England

Question 5: Parliament convenes in November and remains convened, in one form or another, until 1660, thus earning the name of the "________".
Long ParliamentHenry Vane the YoungerOliver CromwellEnglish Civil War

Question 6: In practice, Oliver Cromwell exercised political power because of his control over the Parliament's military forces, but his legal position remained unclear, even when he became ________.
RegentOliver CromwellLord ProtectorEngland

Question 7: The Wars of the Three Kingdoms also paralleled a number of similar conflicts at the same time in Europe — such as the ________ in France and the rebellions of the Netherlands and Portugal against Spanish rule.
FrondeCardinal RichelieuHenri de la Tour d'Auvergne, Vicomte de TurenneFranco-Spanish War (1635)

Question 8: 1651: June: Capture of the ________ by Admiral Robert Blake
WalesCornwallScotlandIsles of Scilly

Question 9: Nor did Cromwell and his supporters move in the direction of a popular democracy, as the more radical fringes of the Parliamentarians (such as the ________) wanted.
New Model ArmyLevellersJohn LilburneOliver Cromwell

Question 10: The new authorities abolished the ________ and the House of Lords.
Archbishop of CanterburyArchbishop of YorkBishop of LincolnChurch of England


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