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Wars of national liberation: Quiz


Question 1: According to political scientist Gérard Chaliand, guerrilla wars against European colonial powers were always a political success, although they may have been in some cases a ________ defeat.
Military strategyMilitaryMilitary scienceMilitary history

Question 2: The ________ (ANC)'s struggle against the apartheid regime is also part of these wars.
Inkatha Freedom PartyDemocratic Alliance (South Africa)African National CongressIndependent Democrats

Question 3: The Maccabean Revolt (167 BC-160 BC) was a war of national liberation fought by the "Judean peasantry." [3][4] It secured the independence of the Jewish ________ from the Seleucid Empire.
PhariseesHasmoneanJewish historyFirst Jewish–Roman War

Question 4: The Portuguese colonial wars finally led to the recognition of Angola, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau as independent states in 1975, following the April ________.
PortugalEstado Novo (Portugal)Carnation RevolutionPortuguese First Republic

Question 5: Cuba, led by ________, supported national liberation movements in Angola, the Congo, and Mozambique.
Jimmy CarterFidel CastroGerald FordJoseph Stalin

Question 6: The Jewish revolt launched by the Lehi and ________ against British occupation in Palestine led to the termination of British rule in the country and to the establishment of the State of Israel.
King David Hotel bombingZionist political violenceMenachem BeginIrgun

Question 7: The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) is an "official" national liberation movement, meaning that it holds official recognition of its legal status as such from the ________ (OAU) and the United Nations (UN).
African UnionChairperson of the African UnionOrganisation of African UnityAfrican Unification Front

Question 8: The ________ (1954–62) was one of the most famous national liberation wars.
First Indochina WarTorture during the Algerian WarCharles de GaulleAlgerian War

Question 9: The ________, (1821–1829,) was fought to liberate Greece from a centuries-long Ottoman occupation.
Battle of NavarinoOttoman GreeceGreek War of IndependenceBackground of the Greek War of Independence

Question 10: [12] It is the only non-African national liberation movement to hold observer status in the OAU, and was one of the first national liberation movement granted permanent observer status by the ________ pursuant to a 1974 resolution.
United Nations Security CouncilUnited Nations Trusteeship CouncilUnited Nations Industrial Development OrganizationUnited Nations General Assembly


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