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Warriors of the Deep: Quiz


Question 1: Solow, had previous played Queen Galleia in ________ (1972).
The DæmonsThe Time MonsterThe Five DoctorsCompanion (Doctor Who)

Question 2: This story was released on ________ in September 1995.
HD DVDVHSBlu-ray DiscLaserdisc

Question 3: This story, originally written by Johnny Byrne, was novelised by ________ and published by Target Books in 1984.
The War GamesSarah Jane SmithTerrance DicksThe Five Doctors

Question 4: It was released on DVD as part of a boxed set called Beneath the Surface with ________ and The Sea Devils on January 14 2008.
The Five DoctorsSpearhead from SpaceInferno (Doctor Who)Doctor Who and the Silurians

Question 5: This story started the 21st season of the Doctor Who series and it marked the return of the Silurians and the Sea Devils, neither of which had been seen since the ________'s era in the early 1970s.
Doctor (Doctor Who)Companion (Doctor Who)Third DoctorThe Five Doctors

Question 6: The story begins on the ________ of Sea Base 4.
Truss bridgeArch bridgeCable-stayed bridgeBridge

Question 7: Warriors of the Deep is a serial in the British science fiction television series ________, which was broadcast in four twice-weekly parts from January 5 to January 13, 1984.
TorchwoodDoctor WhoCompanion (Doctor Who)The Sarah Jane Adventures

Question 8: Warriors of the Deep reviews at ________
David TennantBlink (Doctor Who)Outpost GallifreyDoctor Who

Question 9: Under the sea, old adversaries of the Doctor's awaken, ready to take advantage of the tension and reclaim the planet ________.

Question 10: Warriors of the Deep at ________
BBC RadioBBC Red ButtonBBC OnlineBBC iPlayer


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