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Warrenpoint ambush: Quiz


Question 1: ________
Royal Air Force
Royal Navy
Ulster Defence Regiment
Royal Irish Regiment
Police Service of Northern Ireland
Royal Ulster Constabulary
Ulster Special Constabulary
Garda Síochána
Irish Army
Royal Military PoliceBritish ArmyTerritorial Army (United Kingdom)British Armed Forces

Question 2: Unionist Parties:
Ulster Unionist Party
Progressive Unionist Party
Conservative Party
UK Unionist Party
Traditional Unionist Voice
Sinn FéinUnited Unionist CoalitionSocial Democratic and Labour PartyDemocratic Unionist Party

Question 3: Provisional IRA
Official IRA
Continuity IRA
Real IRA
Irish People's Liberation Organisation
Irish National Liberation ArmyThe TroublesOmagh bombingIrish republicanism

Question 4: Ulster Defence Association
Ulster Volunteer Force
Red Hand Commandos
Ulster Freedom Fighters
Young Citizen Volunteers
Ulster Young Militants
Ulster Resistance
The TroublesLoyalist Volunteer ForceIrish National Liberation ArmyNorthern Ireland

Question 5: It resulted in the ________'s greatest loss of life in a single incident during the Troubles in Northern Ireland, with 18 being killed.
British ArmyRoyal Military PoliceTerritorial Army (United Kingdom)British Armed Forces

Question 6: Only one of Colonel Blair's ________ remained to identify him[16]
British ArmyEpauletteMilitary rankSergeant

Question 7: An uninvolved civilian, Michael Hudson, an Englishman whose father was a coachman at ________ was killed by British forces during the shooting, and his cousin Barry Hudson injured.
Windsor CastleBalmoral CastleBuckingham PalaceClarence House

Question 8: Marks turning point as Sinn Féin begins to move towards electoral politics (1981)
The TroublesOmagh bombingBloody Sunday (1972)Maze Prison escape

Question 9: On hearing the first explosion a ________ unit alerted the British Army of an explosion on the road and reinforcements from the Parachute Regiment were dispatched to the scene by road.
3 Commando Brigade40 CommandoRoyal MarinesRoyal Navy

Question 10: Nationalist Parties:
Sinn Féin
Social Democratic & Labour Party
Workers Party of Ireland
Republican Sinn Féin
Socialist Workers Party (Ireland)Socialist Party (Ireland)Fianna FáilIrish Republican Socialist Party


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