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Warren Worthington III: Quiz


Question 1: In the first issue of X-Men Fairy Tales, based on the Japanese story of MomotarĊ, Archangel appears as a ________.

Question 2: Archangel has special dialogue with ________.
Wolverine (comics)Jean GreyAlpha FlightX-Men

Question 3: He later makes an appearance in the final confrontation against Magneto's ________, rescuing his father after he is thrown off of a roof by Quill, Arclight, and Psylocke.
Mystique (comics)Sabretooth (comics)Brotherhood of MutantsToad (comics)

Question 4: Created by writer Stan Lee and artist/co-writer ________, he first appeared in X-Men (vol.
NamorJack KirbyThe Super Hero Squad ShowWolverine (comics)

Question 5:
What company publishes Warren Worthington III?

Question 6: After fighting him as Archangel, the player follows Apocalypse to ________ for the game's climax.

Question 7:
When did Warren Worthington III make his debut?
Marvel Special Edition #15
Daredevil #13
Uncanny X-Men #99 , Uncanny X-Men #285, February 1992
X-Men, #1

Question 8: Angel also became entangled within a love triangle with rookie X-Man ________ and the mutant prostitute Stacy X.
Alpha FlightHusk (comics)X-MenEmma Frost

Question 9:
What was Warren Worthington III allied to?

Question 10: Angel appears in the new series ________ voiced by Liam O'Brien.
X-23X-Men Origins: WolverineSabretooth (comics)Wolverine and the X-Men

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