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Wardian case: Quiz


Question 1: Ward was a founding member both of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh and the Royal Microscopical Society, a Fellow of the Linnean Society and a Fellow of the ________.
George PorterCopley MedalRoyal SocietyMichael Atiyah

Question 2: The ferns in his ________ garden in Wellclose Square, however, were being poisoned by London's air pollution, which consisted heavily of coal smoke and sulphuric acid.

Question 3: Ward's correspondents was William Jackson Hooker, later director of the ________.
WWT London Wetland CentreRoyal Botanic Gardens, KewRichmond GreenBushy Park

Question 4: Ward kept cocoons of ________ and the like, he found that fern spores were germinating and growing in a bit of soil.

Question 5: The plants arrived in good shape, after a stormy voyage around ________.
PatagoniaCape HornMagellanic subpolar forestsTierra del Fuego

Question 6: English ________ and commercial nurserymen had been passionately prospecting the world for new plants since the end of the 16th century, but these had to travel as seeds or corms, or as dry rhizomes and roots.
Flowering plantEcologyBiologyBotany

Question 7: In the polluted air of Victorian cities, the fern craze and the craze for growing ________ that followed owed much of their impetus to the new Wardian cases.
PlantFlowering plantVanilla (genus)Orchidaceae

Question 8: In Wardian cases, Robert Fortune shipped to British India 20,000 tea plants smuggled out of Shanghai, China, to begin the tea plantations of ________.
GuwahatiAssamTripuraWest Bengal


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