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Wardha: Quiz


Question 1: Later on, Wardha was ruled by the ________, Rashtrakutas, Yadavas, the Delhi Sultanate, the Bahamani Sultanate, Muslim ruler of Berar, Gonds and Marathas.
Western Chalukya EmpireChalukya dynastyRashtrakuta DynastyWestern Ganga Dynasty

Question 2: It was included in the empire of the ________, Sungas, Satavahanas and Vakatakas[1].
Chola DynastyPala EmpireKushan EmpireMaurya Empire

Question 3: Wardha is a city and a municipal council in Wardha district in the Indian state of ________.
Marathi peoplePuneMumbaiMaharashtra

Question 4: Founded in 1866, the town is now an important centre for the ________ trade.

Question 5: In Wardha there is a village called Pavanar where Acharya ________ lived.
Mohandas Karamchand GandhiJ. C. KumarappaGujarat VidyapithVinoba Bhave

Question 6: As of 2001 India ________[2], Wardha had a population of 111,070.

Question 7: The existing Wardha district was part of ________ district till 1862.
PuneNagpurMumbaiAurangabad, Maharashtra

Question 8: It has an average elevation of 234 ________ (767 feet).
10 megametres100 megametresMetre1 decametre


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