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War of the Spanish Succession: Quiz


Question 1: He retained the Spanish overseas empire, but ceded the Spanish Netherlands, Naples, Milan, and Sardinia to Austria; Sicily and parts of the Milanese to Savoy; and ________ and Minorca to Great Britain.
Cayman IslandsSaint HelenaTurks and Caicos IslandsGibraltar

Question 2: What does the following picture show?

  Marshal Villars leads the French charge at the Battle of Denain. Oil on canvas, 1839.
  The Duke of Marlborough was the commander of the English, Dutch and German forces.
  A family tree showing the relationships of the various claimants to Charles II of Spain.
  Marshal Villars (1653–1734) rescued the French fortunes in the War of the Spanish Succession. Villars was King Louis' most successful commander in the war.

Question 3: In 1706, the Portuguese general Marquês das Minas led an invasion of Spain from Portugal, managing to capture ________.

Question 4:
Where did War of the Spanish Succession take place?

Question 5: Having met, the forces under Marlborough and Eugene faced the French under Tallard at the ________.
War of the Spanish SuccessionBattle of BlenheimBattle of RamilliesBattle of Schellenberg

Question 6:
Who was a commander in the War of the Spanish Succession?
Sir John Campbell
Marquis of Villadarias
Lennart Torstenson
Hannibal Sehested

Question 7:
War of the Spanish Succession, World War II and World War I are all:
18th century in Austria Anglo-French Wars Wars involving Spain Global conflicts

Question 8: ________, which had supported the Archduke's claim to the throne of Spain and the allies in 1705, finally surrendered to the Bourbon army on 11 September 1714 following a long siege, ending the presence of the allies in Spain.
Àmbit metropolità de BarcelonaLa Rambla, BarcelonaBarcelonaSagrada Família

Question 9:
War of the Spanish Succession, French and Indian War and Seven Years' War are all:
18th century in Austria Wars involving the United Provinces Wars of succession Anglo-French Wars

Question 10: In Spain, the cortes of ________, Valencia, and Catalonia (regions of the Crown of Aragon) declared themselves in favor of the Austrian Archduke.
AragonCastile and LeónBalearic IslandsAndalusia


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