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War of the League of Cambrai: Quiz


Question 1: [30] Detachments of the Swiss army pursued the fleeing French over the Alps and had reached ________ before being bribed into withdrawing.

Question 2: Cardona and Alviano continued to skirmish in the ________ for the rest of 1513 and through 1514, fighting several inconclusive battles, but Cardona was unable to make any real progress.
AquileiaFriuliTaraspAustrian Circle

Question 3: Alviano, having been reinforced by hundreds of volunteers from the Venetian nobility, pursued Cardona and confronted him outside ________ on 7 October.
VicenzaRecoaro TermeThieneBassano del Grappa

Question 4: La Palice abandoned the Romagna (where the Duke of Urbino quickly captured Bologna and ________) and retreated to Lombardy, attempting to intercept the invasion.
Bardi, ItalyFidenzaParmaSalsomaggiore Terme

Question 5: [23] Alfonso d'Este, meanwhile, confronted and destroyed the Venetian forces on the ________, leaving Bologna isolated once more.
Po (river)VenetoItalyPo Valley

Question 6: In 1507, Julius returned to the question of the cities in Venetian hands; once again rebuffed by the Senate, he encouraged the recently elected ________ to attack the Republic.
Maximilian I, Holy Roman EmperorCharles V, Holy Roman EmperorLeopold II, Holy Roman EmperorJoseph II, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 7: At the Pope's request, Ramon de Cardona marched into ________, smashed Florentine resistance, overthrew the Republic, and installed Cardinal Giuliano de' Medici as ruler of the city.

Question 8: Maximilian, using his journey to Rome for the Imperial coronation as a pretext, entered Venetian territory with a large army in February 1508 and advanced on ________, but was defeated by a Venetian army under Bartolomeo d'Alviano.
ThieneBassano del GrappaVicenzaRecoaro Terme

Question 9: In mid-November, Pitigliano returned to the offensive; Venetian troops easily defeated the remaining Imperial forces, capturing Vicenza, ________, Feltre, and Belluno.
House of EsteHouse of HabsburgHouse of MediciHouse of Hanover

Question 10: The Venetian collapse was complete; Louis proceeded to occupy Venetian territory as far east as ________ without encountering any significant resistance.
Desenzano del GardaSirmioneBresciaLonato del Garda

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