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War of the Austrian Succession: Quiz


Question 1: What does the following picture show?

  Marshal General Maurice de Saxe.
  Flag of the British East India Company (Founded in 1600).
  Infante Philip of Spain by Laurent Pécheux.
  Flag of the British East India Company (Founded in 1600).

Question 2:
Who was a commander in the War of the Austrian Succession?
Duc de Lorge
Duc de Broglie
Franu00E7ois-Marie, 1st duc de Broglie
Duc de Villars

Question 3: The most enduring military historical interest and importance of the war lies in the struggle of Prussia and the ________ monarchs for the region of Silesia.
House of BourbonHohenzollern-SigmaringenHouse of BonaparteHouse of Habsburg

Question 4: On 18 September Bergen op Zoom was stormed by the French, and in the last year of the war ________, attacked by the entire forces of Saxe and Lowendahl, surrendered on 7 May 1748.
AmsterdamMaastrichtLimburg (Netherlands)Roermond

Question 5:
Which of the following was a combatant in the War of the Austrian Succession?
Canada France
New France
France |Surrendered

Question 6: France and Prussia were allied with the ________.
History of BavariaGermanyHistory of GermanyHoly Roman Empire

Question 7:
Where did War of the Austrian Succession take place?
Europe, North America and India
Europe, Africa and the Middle East
Conestoga Hills, United States of America; Sixth Dimension

Question 8: A British fleet watched them, under the command of Admiral ________, till Sir Thomas Mathews was sent out as commander-in-chief and as Minister to the Court of Turin.
Edward VernonHMS Kingston (1697)Richard LestockHMS Grafton (1709)

Question 9: What does the following picture show?

  Flag of the British East India Company (Founded in 1600).
  The Prince of Conti by Alexis Simon Belle.
  Attack of the Prussian Infantry at the Battle of Hohenfriedberg by Carl Röchling.
  Low Countries: Bergen op Zoom is in the upper center.

Question 10: The chief efforts of Austria were directed towards the valleys of the Main and Lahn and ________, where the French and Austrian armies manoeuvred for a position from which to overawe the electoral body.
Frankfurt am MainStuttgartKasselDarmstadt


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