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War in Afghanistan (2001–present): Quiz


Question 1: The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) did not authorize the U.S.-led military campaign in Afghanistan (________).
International Security Assistance ForceWar in Afghanistan (2001–present)Operation Enduring FreedomParticipants in Operation Enduring Freedom

Question 2: Taliban holdouts in the north, mainly Pakistani ________, fell back to the northern city of Kunduz to make a stand.
Workplace bullyingGap yearVolunteeringOccupational safety and health

Question 3: On August 28, 2007, at least 100 Taliban fighters and one Afghan National Army soldier were killed in several skirmishes in Shah Wali Kot district in ________.
Ghazni ProvinceAfghanistanHerat ProvinceKandahar Province

Question 4:
How many casualties were there in the War in Afghanistan (2001present)?
Afghan Northern Alliance:
30 Tajik Northern Alliance killed
unknown Afghan casualties
Afghan Security Forces:

Question 5: In the wake of Operation Anaconda The Pentagon requested that British ________ who are highly trained in mountain warfare, be deployed.
British Army3 Commando BrigadeRoyal MarinesRoyal Navy

Question 6: They were soon joined by ________ from the 5th Special Forces Group and other units from USSOCOM.
United States Special Operations CommandUnited States Navy SEALsSpecial Forces (United States Army)Delta Force

Question 7:
Where did War in Afghanistan (2001present) take place?

Question 8: [81] The destroyed ________ on the airfield were patched by the U.S.
United StatesAir safetyRunwayAirport

Question 9: A group of about twenty hardline ________ fighters hiding in the city's park were the only remaining defenders.
Palestinian peopleSyriaIraqArab people

Question 10:
What was War in Afghanistan (2001present) a part of?
the Byzantine-Bulgarian Wars
the Chadian-Libyan conflict
the Civil war in Afghanistan and the War on Terror
the Eastern Front of World War II


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