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War correspondent: Quiz


Question 1: ________, received the Pulitzer Prize for his iconic World War II photograph Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima
San FranciscoUnited States Marine CorpsMarine Corps War MemorialJoe Rosenthal

Question 2: Andy Rooney of ________ fame is also among the oldest survivors.
60 MinutesCBS20/20Dan Rather

Question 3: Andy Rooney of ________ fame is also among the oldest survivors.
60 Minutes20/20Dan RatherCBS

Question 4: ________ comics artist who covered the Gulf War and Bosnian War
Joe Sacco1985United StatesSafe Area Goražde

Question 5: Burton Crane (1901-1963); covered occupied Japan after World War II and the ________ for the New York Times.
Korean WarVietnam WarCold WarSino-Soviet border conflict

Question 6: ________
The GuardianThe TimesList of foreign correspondents in the Spanish Civil WarGeorge Orwell

Question 7: Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett (1881-1931); covered the ________ and World War I.
Boxer RebellionRusso-Japanese WarScramble for AfricaFirst Sino-Japanese War

Question 8: Martin Bell (born 1938); covered the Vietnam War, Biafra War, The Troubles in Northern Ireland, the ________ and the Bosnian War.
Fidel CastroGerald FordAngolan Civil WarCold War

Question 9: Robert Fisk (born 1946); covered the Lebanese Civil War, the Iranian Revolution, Iran–Iraq War, the 1991 Persian Gulf War, the ________, Kosovo War and the 2003 Iraq War.
Bentalha massacreRais massacreAlgerian Civil WarIslamic Salvation Front

Question 10: Robert Capa (1913-1954); covered the Spanish Civil War, Second Sino-Japanese War, the ________ and the First Indochina War (where he was killed by a landmine).
Battle of FranceAxis powersMilitary history of France during World War IIEuropean Theatre of World War II

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