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Question 1: When it was announced by Raw General Manager ________, he claimed that it was partially inspired by WarGames.
Kevin NashHulk HoganRic FlairEric Bischoff

Question 2: This pitted the team of The Briscoe Brothers and ________, against the team of The Age of the Fall represented by Delirious, Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black, against Necro Butcher who fought alone with no partners.
Chris HeroRoderick StrongAustin AriesClaudio Castagnoli

Question 3: In December 2005, ________ held the first Steel Cage Warfare match.
Ring of HonorIndependent Wrestling Association Mid-SouthPro Wrestling GuerrillaChikara (professional wrestling)

Question 4: In the past several years, World Wrestling Entertainment has held a match called the ________.
John CenaPaul WightAdam CopelandElimination Chamber

Question 5: The match consisted of two teams vying for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in the three-tiered cage first seen in the climax of the WCW produced film ________.
Ready to RumbleDiamond Dallas PageBooker HuffmanSlamboree

Question 6: The final War Games matches under the NWA banner were at The Great American Bash in 1989 and a house show rematch at ________ in Atlanta.
Georgia DomeAtlanta-Fulton County StadiumPhilips ArenaOmni Coliseum

Question 7: Team WCW consisted of: ________, Roddy Piper, The Warrior
Chris BenoitRic FlairDiamond Dallas PageBooker Huffman

Question 8: ________ was also injured from the trap door, but not as severely.
Perry SaturnBooker HuffmanChris JerichoDarren Matthews

Question 9: 3 Part of the 1988 Great American Bash tour which were all ________.
Darren MatthewsHouse showJeff JarrettBret Hart

Question 10: Goldberg broke free of the handcuffs which held him to the turnbuckle of the ring and attempted to leave the cage with the belt, but was cut off by ________, who slammed the cage door in his face.
Ric FlairRoddy PiperBret HartStone Cold Steve Austin


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