War: Quiz


Question 1:
Who played Presenter the movie War?
Francis Ford
Gwynne Dyer
Charles Kent
Wallace Reid

Question 2:
Who played 1 the movie War?
Jet Li
Hughie Mack
Francis Ford
Wallace Reid

Question 3: 97,207 - ________ (1992–1995)[115]
Bosnian WarCroat–Bosniak WarLašva Valley ethnic cleansingSrebrenica massacre

Question 4: 4,000 - ________ (2004–2006)
War in Afghanistan (2001–present)Pakistan ArmyTerrorism in PakistanWar in North-West Pakistan

Question 5:
What role did Flora Finch play in the movie War?

Question 6: One half of the people found in a Nubian cemetery dating to as early as 12,000 years ago had died of ________.
World War IIRussiaFranceViolence

Question 7: This is based on the notion, generally agreed to by almost all scholars of war since ________, that wars are reciprocal, that all wars require both a decision to attack and also a decision to resist attack.
Napoleonic WarsPrussian ArmyCarl von ClausewitzOn War

Question 8:
Who played 1 the movie War?
Grace Cunard
Devon Aoki
Flora Finch
Flora Finch

Question 9:
Who played 3 the movie War?
Jet Li
Wallace Reid
Saul Rubinek
Wallace Reid

Question 10:
What role did Gwynne Dyer play in the movie War?
Old Man

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