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Wannsee Conference: Quiz


Question 1: Heydrich announced that "________" (a Nazi pejorative for mixed-"race" persons) of the first degree (persons with two Jewish grandparents), would be treated as Jews.
Prussian Union (Evangelical Christian Church)MischlingNazi GermanyAdolf Hitler

Question 2: Rudolf Lange, commander of Einsatzkommando 2 in ________, wrote that his orders were "a radical solution of the Jewish problem through the execution of all Jews".

Question 3: When Hans Frank, head of the ________ in occupied Poland, heard of the meeting, he demanded to be represented, and Heydrich quickly agreed.
Babi YarGeneral GovernmentReichskommissariat UkraineGeneralplan Ost

Question 4: The historian ________ observes: "No less than eight of the fifteen participants held the doctorate.
Christopher BrowningAdolf HitlerThe HolocaustDavid Irving

Question 5:
  • ________ exclusive of Bialystok: 446,484
    Bosnia and HerzegovinaAzerbaijanSerbiaBelarus

Question 6: Reinhard Heydrich died in Prague on 4 June 1942 as a result of injuries sustained during a May 27 attack by ________ and Slovak resistance fighters parachuted in from England.
SpainCzechsSlovakiaCzech Republic

Question 7: The Wannsee Conference was a meeting of senior officials of the Nazi German regime, held in the ________ suburb of Wannsee on 20 January 1942.

Question 8: ________/occupied territory: 165,000
CanadaFranceItalyUnited Kingdom

Question 9: [11] Also invited were representatives of the Reich Chancellery, the Nazi Party Chancellery and the Race and Resettlement Main Office of the RSHA, and the head of the ________, Müller.
GestapoHeinrich HimmlerNazi GermanyAdolf Hitler

Question 10: Jews over 65 years old, and Jewish World War I veterans alike, who had been severely wounded or who had won the ________, would be sent to the "model" concentration camp at Theresienstadt.
Iron CrossErwin RommelWerner MöldersAlbert Kesselring


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