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Wankel engine: Quiz


Question 1: automaker signed an agreement in February 1973, after a year's negotiations, to build Wankels for both passenger cars and ________, as well as the right to sell any rotary engines it produces to other companies.
American MotorsEagle (automobile)DodgeJeep

Question 2: Additionally, there were abortive attempts to design Wankel-engine automobiles by General Motors, which seems to have concluded that the Wankel engine was slightly more expensive to build than an equivalent reciprocating engine, and ________.
Mercedes-Benz SprinterMercedes-Benz S-ClassMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz W221

Question 3: After occasional use in automobiles, for instance by NSU with their Ro 80[5] and Citroën, using engines produced by Comotor, with their M35 and GS Birotor, the most extensive automotive use of the Wankel engine has been by ________.

Question 4: This problem was solved by limiting the engine speed to only 1200 rpm and the use of ________ as fuel; this was particularly well chosen, as one of the major uses of the engine was to drive compressors on natural gas pipelines.
CoalNatural gasEnergy developmentPetroleum

Question 5: The goal is to eventually develop an internal combustion engine that will deliver 100 milliwatts of electrical power; the engine itself will serve as the rotor of the generator, with ________ built into the engine rotor itself.
Magnetic fieldMagnetic momentMagnetMagnetism

Question 6: The rotors both rotate around the eccentrics and make ________ around the eccentric shaft.
Lagrangian pointOrbital mechanicsOrbitOrbital elements

Question 7: The ________ has won more IMSA races in its class than any other model of automobile, with its one hundredth victory on September 2, 1990.
Mazda RX-7Mazda MX-5Mazda RX-8Mazda Cosmo

Question 8: The design was proposed as the power source for ________ combat vehicles and other equipment in the late 1980s.
United States NavyUnited States ArmyUnited States armed forcesUnited States Marine Corps

Question 9: While this places high demands on the materials used, the simplicity of the Wankel makes it easier to use alternative materials like exotic alloys and ________.
SolidCeramicCeramic materialsCeramic engineering

Question 10: In 1961, the ________ research organization of NATI, NAMI and VNIImotoprom started experimental development, and created experimental engines with different technologies.
East GermanySoviet UnionRussiaJoseph Stalin

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