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Wandering spleen: Quiz


Question 1: Physical factors may cause ischuria, ________, as well as numerous spleen-related diseases such as hypersplenism, thrombocytopenia, and lymphoma.
Ulcerative colitisIrritable bowel syndromeConstipationCrohn's disease

Question 2: Wandering spleen is most commonly diagnosed in young children[1] as well as ________ between the ages of 20 and 40.

Question 3: The disorder must be treated through ________, due to the possibility of blocked arteries in the spleen.
EndoscopyPeritonitisLaparoscopic surgeryCholecystectomy

Question 4: Wandering spleen (or Pelvic spleen) is a rare medical ________ caused by the loss or weakening of the ligaments that help to hold the spleen.

Question 5: It can occur in ________ as the result of injuries and other similar conditions that cause the ligaments to weaken, such as connective tissue disease or pregnancy.


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