Wampum: Quiz

Question 1: The loyalty card program at ________ is known as the Wampum Card
Slots-A-Fun CasinoFoxwoods Resort CasinoBorgataMandalay Bay Resort and Casino

Question 2: The ________ name for Long Island is "Sewanacky", reflecting its connection to the dark wampum.
New NetherlandLenapeNew JerseyNew York

Question 3: The term "wampum" is derived from the ________ word, Wampumpeag, which means white shell beads.
Pilgrim (Plymouth Colony)WampanoagPlymouth, MassachusettsSquanto

Question 4: In earlier centuries, ________ girls would wear wampum to show their eligibility for marriage.
New NetherlandLenapeNew JerseyNew York

Question 5: Shinnecock ________ ascribed the wampum market demise to a deadly red tide that decimated the whelk and quahog populations.
LanguageAnthropologyColumbia UniversityOral history

Question 6: Musician ________ composed a short piece entitled Wampum Prayer on her Scarlet's Walk album, which is thematically very Native-oriented.
American Doll PosseAbnormally Attracted to SinThe BeekeeperTori Amos

Question 7: Belts were also sometimes used as badges of office or as ceremonial devices of an indigenous culture such as the ________.
Mohawk nationFrench and Indian WarSeneca nationIroquois

Question 8: ________ South American strings with knots used as memory aides
QuipuAlpacaInca EmpireSpain

Question 9: [1] The ________ Great Law of Peace, the founding constitution of the Iroquois Confederacy, was codified in a series of wampum belts, held by the Onondaga Nation.
French and Indian WarIroquoisMohawk nationSeneca nation

Question 10: The American ________ wrote in his 1935 history;
United StatesBostonWilliam James SidisNew England

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Wampum)