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Wampanoag: Quiz


Question 1: It is known, through oral tradition, that Christiantown was wiped out in 1888 by a ________ epidemic.

Question 2: Male captives were generally sold to slave traders and transported to the West Indies, ________, Virginia, or the Iberian Peninsula.
Cayman IslandsBritish Virgin IslandsAnguillaBermuda

Question 3: [8] Two Martha's Vineyard and ________ Wampanoag female sachems, Wunnatuckquannumou and Askamaboo, presided despite the competition of male contenders, including near relatives, for their power.
Nantucket, MassachusettsNew Bedford, MassachusettsWorcester, MassachusettsBarnstable, Massachusetts

Question 4: Taken onto a ship at Plymouth, they were sold as slaves in the ________.
CaribbeanAmericasLatin AmericaNorth America

Question 5: ________
Osage NationFederally recognized tribesFederally recognized tribes by statePawnee

Question 6: In 1632 the Narragansett ended their wars with the ________ and the Mohawk and turned against the Wampanoag again.
Mashantucket Pequot TribePequot WarNew EnglandPequot

Question 7: At the same time, the Pequot came from the west, and occupied portions of eastern ________.
Rhode IslandMaineConnecticutMassachusetts

Question 8:
Wampanoag, Sioux and Comanche are all:
Native American tribes in Rhode Island Native American tribes Algonquian languages Plymouth Colony

Question 9: The seizures of land by the English continued, and little by little, Philip gained the ________, Pocomtuc and Narragansett as allies.
WampanoagNew EnglandMassachusettsNipmuc

Question 10: What does the following picture show?

  "Old Indian Meeting House," built in 1684 in Mashpee, is the oldest surviving Native American church building in the United States
  Seal of Plymouth Colony
  Squanto helped the Plymouth colonists learn to cultivate corn.

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