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Walter Warlimont: Quiz


Question 1: In May 1929 he traveled to the ________ and was attached to the U.S.
United StatesCanadaPhilippinesAlaska

Question 2: Just before the start of World War I, in June 1914 he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the 10th Prussian Foot Artillery Regiment, which was based in ________.

Question 3: On 20 July 1944, General Warlimont was wounded during the ill-fated assassination bombing against Hitler in a war-briefing bunker (the "________" in Rastenburg).
Schwarze KapelleLudwig Beck20 July plotCarl Friedrich Goerdeler

Question 4: On the basis of this memorandum, Hitler developed the ________ (High command of the armed forces), with Hitler as supreme commander.
Adolf HitlerEastern Front (World War II)Oberkommando der WehrmachtWilhelm Keitel

Question 5: Hitler's Generals: Authoritative Portraits of the Men Who Waged Hitler's War, edited by ________.
United Kingdom – United States relationsWinston ChurchillMargaret ThatcherCorrelli Barnett

Question 6: Warlimont was interviewed for two episodes of ________.
The World at WarAxis powersWorld War IIStrategic bombing during World War II

Question 7: Later, Warlimont urged General Heinrich Eberbach to continue his attacks in the ________ region.
Operation CharnwoodOperation CobraHill 262Falaise pocket

Question 8: Warlimont was rewarded in 1939 with a post as deputy to General ________.
Nuremberg TrialsAlfred JodlWilhelm KeitelHermann Göring

Question 9: During World War I he served as an artillery officer and battery commander in ________ and later in Italy.
United StatesCanadaUnited KingdomFrance

Question 10: In February 1943 he traveled to ________ to confer with Field Marshal Rommel as to whether or not the Germans should abandon North Africa.

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