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Question 1: His main works deal with European history in the 19th and 20th century, especially Russian history, German history and ________ history.
Middle EastWestern AsiaIranAsia

Question 2: His books have been translated into many languages and he was one of the founders of the study of political violence, ________ and terrorism.
SiegeGuerrilla warfareMilitary historyAncient warfare

Question 3: He was born in ________, Germany (modern Wrocław, Poland), to a Jewish family.

Question 4: He was Director of the Institute of Contemporary History and the Wiener Library in ________ in 1965-1994.

Question 5: His parents, who were unable to leave, became victims of the ________.
AntisemitismHolocaust (resources)Responsibility for the HolocaustThe Holocaust

Question 6: He was Professor of History of Ideas at ________ 1968-1972, University Professor at Georgetown University 1976-1988.
Northeastern UniversityBrandeis UniversityHarvard UniversityBoston University

Question 7: He was founder and editor with ________, of the Journal of Contemporary History and of Survey 1956-1964.
NazismFascismGeorge MosseNazi Germany

Question 8: Co-edited with ________ 1914: The Coming of the First World War, New York, Harper & Row 1966.
George MosseNazismFascismNazi Germany

Question 9: Co-edited by Jehuda Reinharz and ________ The Impact of Western Nationalisms : Essays Dedicated to
FascismGeorge MosseNazi GermanyNazism

Question 10: He has written on many topics from the German Youth Movement, Zionism, Israeli history, the cultural history of the Weimar Republic and Russia, Communism, the Holocaust, fascism and diplomatic history of the ________.
Vietnam WarJoseph StalinCentral Intelligence AgencyCold War


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