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Walter Cronkite: Quiz


Question 1: Cronkite spoke out against the ________ in support of the Drug Policy Alliance, writing a fundraising letter and appearing in advertisements on behalf of the DPA.
United StatesCentral Intelligence AgencyCold WarWar on Drugs

Question 2:
Where was Walter Cronkite born?
St. Andrew's West, Ontario
near St. Andrews, Manitoba
Winterborne St Martin in Dorset
St. Joseph, Missouri, U.S

Question 3:
What is Walter Cronkite also known as?
Old Ironpants, Uncle Walter, King of the anchormen
'Frog', 'Sham', and 'the Old Man from the Mountains' etc
Walter Osborne
"Uncle Charlie"

Question 4:
What role did Walter Cronkite play in the videomovie We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story ?
Captain Neweyes

Question 5:
Who is Walter Cronkite's spouse?
Eulada Watt
William Kibler
Elisabeth Stroink
Mary Elizabeth "Betsy" Maxwell

Question 6: ________' first American TV broadcast was with Walter Cronkite.
George HarrisonThe BeatlesStrawberry Fields ForeverI Want to Hold Your Hand

Question 7: [47] In 2006, he presented the Walter Cronkite Faith and Freedom Award to actor and activist ________ on behalf of his organization at its[48] annual dinner in New York.
Heath LedgerMatt DamonJack NicholsonGeorge Clooney

Question 8: The special was narrated by ________, who assumed the CBS Evening News anchor chair in September 2006.
Connie ChungKatie CouricDan RatherCBS News

Question 9:
Where did Walter Cronkite die?
Montru00E9al, Canada. Buried in Jerusalem, Israel
New York City, New York, U.S.
| Phoenix, Arizona
Dublin, Ireland

Question 10:


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